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High quality, low smoke sparklers

20" 36" Wedding sparklers in salt lake city Utah

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36 inch sparklers

36 in sparklers

At Utah Sparklers, we strive to make your wedding send off fun, safe and memorable. 

Our gold sparklers are the natural color of sparklers. Colored sparklers have chemicals added to produce the color, thus increasing the smoke they put out. 

The sparklers we sell are metal not bamboo or paper. Anything other than metal produces lots of smoke 

The long 36" sparklers are the longest sparkler that we carry burning for over 3 minutes.  The large, gold sparks metal handles make them ideal for weddings since they produce very little smoke, thus giving you clear, beautiful pictures. 

The easy to light tips help ensure most of the sparklers will be lit when the bride and groom are walking out.  The long burn time of 3 minutes gives the photographer plenty of time to capture many pictures of the grand wedding exit.   

The 36 in sparklers are great for send offs with 125 plus guests and in areas where there is ample space.

With every order, we provide a safety and tip sheet.