Checklist for using sparklers for wedding send off

November 13, 2020

Checklist For A Beautiful Wedding Sparkler Send Off

We all imagine a dreamy and perfect wedding day for ourselves. From an eye-catching decor to tasty food; everything needs to be in perfect coordination to look and feel impeccable. Wedding sparklers are great to add to your wedding shenanigans. They add a fairytale and dreamy essence to your big day and won’t fail to boost your perfect evening.

However, picking the right wedding sparklers and making sure that you are well-prepared for adding them to your event is crucial. Here at Utah Sparklers, we compiled a sparkler celebration checklist for your wedding. To make sure that they fit into your big day seamlessly and create the extravagance that you are looking for; go through this checklist. Consider all of these elements to ensure that your addition of sparklers goes smoothly through the event.


How many wedding sparklers should I buy?

The foremost thing to check is that you get the correct number of sparklers. To make it all beautiful, you want every guest to have a sparkler. There are various sizes of sparklers, however, not every size is ideal for a wedding grand exit.  


A sparkler that measures 20 inches long typically has an average burn time of 1 and a half minutes. This 20” size is ideal for weddings where it anticipated that 100-125 guests will be present for the sendoff.  On the other hand, the 36-inch sparklers that Utah Sparklers offers gives you a 3 minute burning time. A lot of couples love the 36” sparkler length because the burn time is more, and they create a very dreamy effect. Due to the longer burn time, your photographer can capture the beauty of your sparkler sendoff perfectly too.



When deciding what to do for your wedding grand exit, ask your venue or planner what is allowed and legal.  A month or so before your wedding date, inquire whether your venue allows wedding sparklers. A small percentage of venues do not allow sparklers due to fire restrictions, space limitations or being a historic building.


If your place does allow you to have sparklers at your wedding, then make sure that you check the space. For instance, if you are looking for the sparklers to be done around you, then you need to ensure that the center of the venue has enough space to accommodate all the guests. If you will be exiting down a set of stairs, make sure they are wide enough for you to walk and still have the guests standing on the sides far enough apart to create a beautiful arch with the sparklers above you. Also, it is ideal to leave some space in between each person. This is to verify that the burning sparkler does not touch any one’s clothes and hands. Safety is essential and must not be overlooked.

Check this blog out for Safty tips for your wedding sparklers send-offs 


Beautifully Displaying 20" & 36" sparklers

So much effort and work has been put into making your special day perfect and your sendoff sparklers should also reflect that. Therefore, you would want to arrange the wedding sparklers beautifully as well. They should be easy to find and grab for each guest. Putting small buckets on individual tables or organizing them in a specific vase or bucket near the door makes sparklers accessible. Planning is the key to a successful sparkler sendoff.



Announcing your sparkler send off

You will want people to hang around till the end of the wedding when sendoff typically takes place and this is where the schedule of events comes in handy. The timetable can either be at each guest table or on a large board in a visible location.

Have a trusted member of the bridal party instruct the band or D.J. to announce the wedding send off when the dancing is coming to a close and one song of the night remains. Many wedding planners and music D.J.’s have emphasized that something like the following is effective “This is the last song of the evening. The bride and groom will be having a sparkler sendoff. After this song, please grab a sparkler out of the galvanized bucket by the door and head outside.”


Click Here on how to let guests know you are doing a sparkler send off

Sparklers add the extra spur and beauty to your wedding day. They can make your special day dreamy and beautiful as well as add a pleasing aesthetic to your event overall. Utah Sparklers goal is to make your sendoff the least stressful part of your wedding and hopefully these tips and checklist will achieve that.


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