Correct length of sparklers for wedding send off

March 31, 2021

Correct length of sparklers for wedding send off

Correct length of sparklers for wedding send off


Sparklers have been and continue to be used in all different events and celebrations. They traditionally and most often associated with 4th of July parties and backyard barbecues, but other used such as weddings, graduations, funerals and more are gaining popularity.  One trend that has been widely popular is using sparklers at the end of a wedding to send off the newly married couple. Before you rush out to purchase sparklers for a wedding send off, please note that sparklers can either make or break the wedding exit and ruin the timeless pictures. 

Here at Utah Sparklers we often get asked if there is a correct size sparkler to purchase for a wedding send off. The answer to that question is most definitely YES ! We carry  a variety of sparklers, but not all of them are ideal for wedding send off's. 


The perfect size sparkler

There are 2 different sizes of sparklers that are ideal for wedding send off's. The most popular size that we sell are 20″ Sparklers that burn for 90 seconds. After supplying this widely used size for thousands of weddings, we have found that the minute and a half burn time is more than sufficient for corralling the guests into two lines and getting the Sparklers lit and the happy couple sent off. 

The one big thing the couple needs to take into consideration when deciding what length sparklers to purchase is how many guests will be in attendance for the send off. For 125 of less guests, 20-Inch Sparklers are the perfect burn time and sparkler length. 

When you need a longer burn time

After being in business for a year and having numerous requests for longer sparklers, we brought the 36″ Sparklers on board.  With a 3 minute burn time and large gold sparks, they make gorgeous send off pictures.

Due to the long length, guests are able to line up and form a tall arch with the sparklers, allowing the couple to walk, dance and slowly walk under the soft glow. Another advantage to 36-Inch Sparklers is they allow the couple has ample time to get perfect Instagram and Pinterest worthy pictures.

Do you know the pictures I am talking about? The ones where the groom is dipping the bride and they kiss or where the bride's dress is flowing and twirling around her as she dances under her new husband's arm-those are usually gotten with the long #36 sparklers.

Not ideal for wedding send offs

When you have purchased sparklers at the grocery or convenience store in the summer for your July 4th celebrations, likely you unknowingly bought the 8 inch or 10″ sparklers. These are the short, convenient, least cost sparklers available.

That being said, they are not ideal for wedding send off's because of the very short burn time. They typically burn for 25-30 seconds.  In our experience,  when used for a wedding exit, the first #10 sparkler is burned out before the last one is even lit. This short time does not allow the bride and groom to have a unhurried exit.

We have spoke with many photographers across the U.S. who have to reenact and reshoot a send off because the couple used the short sparklers and were not satisfied with their grand exit pictures. 


You have spent months, possibly even longer planning every last and important detail to make your wedding special and memorable.  Utah Sparklers #1 goal is to make your wedding send off the least stressful part of the whole wedding planning process. We are more than happy to answer any questions about sparklers, size, timing  or anything sparkler related. 


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