Using sparklers in 2021 wedding send off

September 10, 2021

Using sparklers in  2021 wedding send off

Wedding Sparkler Shortage of 2021

Not so Happily Ever After

Almost any American can attest that their life in 2020 and 2021 has been affected by the Covid-19 virus somehow. Many engaged couples were looking forward to happily staring into one another’s eyes in front of their friends and loved ones and joining together in marriage. Unfortunately those unions were either postponed, scaled down in attendance and size or done over Zoom. 

Many businesses have felt the coronavirus devastation as well. The fireworks industry was one of those industries hit hard by the virus. When the world was forced to go into isolation and seclusion, production of many items was halted. Especially products that are only manufactured in China, like fireworks. With the closing of many of the factories in China, fireworks were not produced in the same quantities in 2020 as they have been in the past.  This lack of product carried over to 2021 when factories were slowly starting to re-open, but with less personnel and higher production demands. 


Sparklers are produced at the same factories in China as fireworks and as a result were affected as well. At this point you may be asking yourself why you should even care about a sparkler shortage. If you are getting married in the year 2021 and are planning or even thinking about having a sparkler grand exit, you may want to listen up. 


As mentioned in a previous post, the wedding farewell is not mentioned on any wedding check list. It is usually left until the final walk through of the venue 1-2 weeks before the big day. Typically this is not a huge issue, although it can still be problematic. In order to import sparklers, you are required to have a fireworks importer license. Big box retailers, party supply stores and wedding items stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s do not have a license. As such they do not carry and sell sparklers year round. Thus leaving the stressed couple to scour the internet to hopefully find a website that sells sparklers. Amazon is not allowed to sell sparklers so many couples are left worried and frazzled. 

If the couple does find a website that sells wedding specific sparklers, the company often neglects to state that the sparklers are out of stock. After the customer places an order, they get an email that stating the items are out of stock and will be shipped when available. Many times an ETA is not given. If an email address that is not regularly checked is not given, the bride may not know until a day or two before the wedding that they will not be having a sparkler send off. 


What is a gal, or guy to do? Utah Sparklers has ya covered! We have both the 20 inch and #36  sparklers in stock. We have a very minimal handling time since they are readily available.  If you place an order on our site, before 3pm MST, it will be shipped out that same day. If you prefer to pick your sparklers up in Utah, they are always ready within 24 hours, most often they are ready the same day. 

Yes there is a sparkler shortage and yes  many sparkler companies do not have any products to fill the need, but that doesn’t need to ruin your special day. We pride ourselves on making the wedding send off the least stressful part of the whole wedding planning process. Let Utah Sparklers help you create sparkling wedding memories. 

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