Amount of wedding day sparklers to purchase

February 17, 2021

Amount of wedding day sparklers to purchase

You deserve the proper send off without breaking the bank

When planning a wedding it is easy to see costs start rising and rising and before you know it, your wedding is the same price as a new car. Sometimes the engaged couple has to decide if certain wedding elements are really needed in order to save money. Items such as food, drink, flowers, décor and clothing are non-negotiable so unfortunately the wedding exit is cut as one of the first things to go. Every newly married couple deserves a proper send off without it breaking the bank.  

There is a vast variety of send off ideas which are discussed in another blog post so this article will only address doing a sparkler send off. 


Conducting a sparkler send off with your budget in mind is our specialty.

Utah Sparklers helps keep your cost down by ensuring you only purchase the amount of sparklers that you need. Our sales method of purchasing by the box instead of being forced to buy by the package makes that easy. Utah Sparklers can get you really close to the number of sparklers needed without wasted money or leftovers. For example with us, our 20 inch sparklers are sold per box of 12 sparklers. Other sparkler companies mandate that you purchase a certain number like 48,96,144, etc, making you pay for potentially unused, not returnable sparklers. 

Either the 20” or 36 inch long sparklers are suitable for wedding send offs. The amount of sparklers that you choose to get is determined, obviously, by how many guests will be there for the send off. In our experience, 75-85% of the guests who have responded and said they will be attending the wedding will stick around till the very end for the send off. If you have a schedule either printed on paper available at guest’s seats or written on something visible at the entrance of the reception, that will help encourage guests to stay the entire time. 

Another factor  to think about is how bright you want your send off pictures. If you are desiring lots of sparks and a brightly lit backdrop, plan on giving each guest two 20 inch sparklers. Guests can hold one sparkler in each hand. If using the 36 inch sparklers, only one sparkler per guest is advised due to their long length. 

The first dance as a married couple is another opportunity to incorporate sparklers into our big day. The 10 inch gold sparklers or the 20 inch would be my recommendation for this use. The 10 inch sparklers burn for approximately 30 seconds and songs typically play for 2 and a half minutes so a good estimate would be to plan for 4 sparklers per guest. Again, 2 sparklers of the #20 length would be sufficient. 


In my opinion if you are in doubt of how many sparklers to buy, it is safer to err on the side of caution and get an extra dozen. Sparklers do not expire and they last forever as long as they are stored in a dry environment. Assign the best man to be over the sparkler send off and instruct him to distribute any leftover sparklers, giving some guests 2. This ,for one, means you don’t have to store the leftovers and try to remember to pull them out for the next July 4th. Secondly it just makes for even brighter, more memorable wedding pictures for you to look fondly back on.

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