Sparkler Tips

April 19, 2021

Sparkler tips for successful send off with beautiful pictures.

Planning a wedding takes months and even years of sorting, organizing and agonizing to ensure every detail is carefully thought out. The send off or grand exit is the final event commemorating this special occasion. The wedding exit is typically not the biggest or most talked about part of the celebration, but you also want it to be special. One way to create memories is with the use of sparklers for a send off.

This quick video gives you the quick scoop on using sparklers for a wedding send off. Not all sparklers are the same and we hope to inform you on the differences so you will create a positive and lasting memory of your wedding send off.

Where to buy sparklers?

If you are desiring a sparkler send off head to our Home page to see our full selection of sparklers. We offer same day pick up in Utah as well as FREE same day nationwide shipping.

Sparkler Tips

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