Wedding Sparkler Send off Surprise

December 02, 2021

Wedding Sparkler Send off Surprise

Owning a business is hard. I didn't set out in life to own and run a business, but that is how the cards fell. Honestly, it is great not having anyone to answer to, but there are days where I just want to go to a normal 9-5 job, come home and veg with Netflix. Many of my days are spent fulfilling orders, trying to come up with content to post and analyzing numbers that all look like foreign language.  It does get pretty lonely and overwhelming. 

When a wonderful husband and wife photography team that I often collaborate with sent me this email, I was ecstatic. Normally I do not toot my own horn, but this made me so happy that I wanted to share it with everyone else too.  Here is what Jessie and Dallin had to say. 


We have the best story to share with you about Candace and Andrew's exit. Originally, because of fire restrictions they weren't going to be able to do a sparkler exit like they hoped for at their wedding, unless by some miracle the restrictions were lifted. Without mentioning anything to us, Candace purchased sparklers from you guys just in case, and it paid off because the restrictions were lifted the same day as their wedding! When it came time for the sparkler exit, we looked around and noticed that the sparklers were really bright, long-lasting, and all around awesome. After they finished exiting, we asked Candace and Andrew where they got their sparklers from because they were AWESOME! They then mentioned, "oh, we followed your recommendation and bought them from Utah Sparklers." We had NO idea they were ones from you guys when we fell in love with them. So, moral of the story, without any bias at all, we can for sure say that you guys have THE best sparklers around!!! :)

My goal with Utah Sparklers is and always will be to make the send off the least stressful part of the wedding planning process.  One way I do that is by offering same day shipping and same day pickup. We only sell gold, metal sparklers that are specific for send off's. Our sparklers produce very little smoke ensuring happy couples pictures are clear and timeless. 

I would love to help make your wedding send off special like Candace and Andrew's. 

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