Why to NOT purchase sparklers on Amazon.com

June 22, 2021

Why to NOT purchase sparklers on Amazon.com

Why you should NOT purchase sparklers for your wedding on Amazon

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Amazon.com. Many people love it, while there is an equal amount of people who hate it. Regardless of where you stand, you can’t disagree that most folks know that you can buy almost anything on the site, often with free 2 day shipping.

Wedding sparklers, although illegal to sell on Amazon.com, are an item that can also be purchased on there. Before you quit reading and hop on the site, let me give you a few reasons to think twice about purchasing any type of sparkler there. 

As aforementioned, sparklers according to Amazon.com policies are a hazardous item and are not allowed to be sold on the platform.

As in all areas of life, if there is a gray area, human beings will find it and often operate out of that area. Sparklers can be found on Amazon, but they usually do not stay listed for long before Amazon shuts down the seller.

This often causes customers who have ordered their sparklers through the seller to be left empty handed. Once Amazon bans the seller, they are not allowed to obviously sell any further products, but they also can not ship any outstanding orders. Many couples on the day before their wedding contact Utah Sparklers begging for sparklers at the last minute because Amazon.com banned the seller and now they are left without sparklers for their wedding send off. 


The United States Department of Transportation mandates that sparklers ship ground transportation only. Air transportation is not an option.

With Amazon prime free 2 day shipping, the items are shipped via air to a distribution center close to the customer, then delivered to the customer.

Ground shipping is typically a minimum of 2-3 business days to deliver intrastate. Shipping to another state is usually longer than the 2-3 business days. 

It can be easy to see how misleading and disappointing Amazon prime's  expected 2 day shipping can be.

On numerous occasions, I have had quite a few customers that ordered their sparklers on Amazon.com that have contacted Utah Sparklers in a panic because their sparklers were not going to arrive in time for their grand exit on their special day. 


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If you are unsure of how many sparklers to order for your wedding or what size to order, good luck trying to get answers from Amazon or the seller on Amazon.

Your only option is to read the questions and answers. At that point,  hopefully someone else has asked the same question and hopefully someone has answered it correctly.

What I have seen happen is, the seller lists the item then is done. They do not answer questions and are nearly impossible to get hold of.

Utah Sparklers is only a phone call or text away and I am happy to answer any and all questions. 


Finally if the previous reasons are not enough to make you pause before you hit add to cart or Buy now, maybe this will.

The sparklers sold on Amazon.com are more expensive than sparklers sold here on Utah Sparklers. 

When you compare the price of the sparklers in addition to the shipping, the sparklers on Amazon are more expensive per item.

Here at Utah Sparklers, we know how expensive planning a wedding can be and we want your send off to be fun and affordable.

Our goal is to make the send off the least stressful part of the wedding planning process. 

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