Jessie and Dallin-Utah photographers

May 20, 2021

Jessie and Dallin-Utah photographers

Jessie and Dallin Photography

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Every Friday, we will be introducing some of the best names in the Utah Wedding Industry. So if you are looking for a day of coordinator, photographer, cake, florist or anything wedding related in the state of Utah, check out our blog often. 

Utah Wedding Photographers

Today, I am so honored to introduce Jessie and Dallin. They are a husband and wife photography duo who is absolutely passionate about capturing your special day. 

This spectacular couple are some of the best Utah wedding photographers that you will find. Happily serving engaged couples near Salt Lake City, Park City, throughout Utah and the mountain west.

According to their website "When you hire the two of us, know that you're investing in a photography team that is "all in". We're "all in" on telling your story, strengthening your friendship, and creating photos that show a genuine "you". We'll even have fun in the process! " They understand the importance of feeling comfortable and not looking posed in pictures and ensure that your pictures reflect you. 

Not just wedding photographers

Here it is in their own words. "We're here to capture your genuine moments, strengthen the friendship you share, and to give you confidence that your story will be shared for generations to come. We love hanging out with our couples and their families and friends. Being chosen to serve you and capture some of the most important moments of your life is an honor that we take seriously, but also have a blast experiencing! Wedding days are filled with a plethora of emotions, and sometimes one of those is humor". 


More about the duo

If that isn't enough to convince you, maybe this will. 

Self proclaimed Disney fanatics, history nerds and Utah Jazz fans, they bring passion and humor to one of the most important events in your life. 

One of their favorite getaways is a quick trip to Disneyland, as evidenced by the many photos from trips adorning their walls. They are huge Utah Jazz basketball fans and watch every game religiously.

Utah Sparklers has had numerous opportunities to collaborate with Jessie and Dallin on styled photo shoots. I absolutely adore their style and ability to capture each couple's unique personality. You can see many examples of their sparkler send off photos throughout our website. 

Jessie and Dallin are continually updating their blog so it is packed with content  to serve their couples the very best. If you're looking for past weddings or engagements it's a great place to find examples of their work!  Also a great resource when you're looking for tips and advice for weddings, marriage, or if you are just looking to learn a bit more about them !
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