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About Utah Sparklers

Hi there and welcome to Utah Sparklers !! Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Barbara Wolf and Utah Sparklers was born in January 2017. We are both originally from Houston, Texas (go Texans and Astros !) and moved to Utah in 2008. I am a pediatric RN by trade, but have been drug into the fireworks world by my pyro loving husband, Jay. It has always been his dream to start a fireworks company so in 2015, we sold our boat, camper trailer and first born (okay maybe we kept her, but you get it) and chased his dream. One year after New Year's Eve, we had a good number of friends getting married who were needing sparklers for their wedding send off. They knew we just finished selling fireworks and sparklers for New Year's so they asked if we had any leftover that they could buy since they are not an item you can just buy anywhere at any time. 

After doing some research, we found out that many couples getting married have a difficult time purchasing sparklers if they want to do a sparkler send off. Unfortunately, the send off is not on any wedding planning sheets or check off lists, so it often gets pushed till the last minute. Since sparklers are not sold year round in stores or on Amazon because a special fireworks license is needed, we saw an opportunity to take some stress off brides. I actually like to tease and say that Jay came up with this business idea because he thought I needed one more thing on my plate:)

We started by listing them on the local online classifieds, local wedding Facebook groups and setting up at bridal shows. The first few months, we only offered local pick up. As brides quickly found out about us, we figured out we were often too far for them to drive. We didn't want anyone to go without sparklers if they really wanted them so we started shipping. We offer a flat rate, convenient $10 shipping to anywhere in the U.S. Free pick up in Saratoga Springs has always been and always will be an option. Recently, we decided to expand our audience to the entire U.S. and offer free shipping with orders of $45 or more. 

I really love being able to make the send off the least stressful, most affordable thing about someone's wedding. There is something very satisfying and heart warming when brides tell me that we totally made their day easy and not stressful at all with our quick pick up and shipping times.  

Summer of 2019, our niece found out she was pregnant and remembered seeing some blue and pink smoke sticks at one of our fireworks stands. She asked if we had any left that she could buy because she saw on Pinterest a gender reveal party using the colored smoke. Since my husband thought I still didn't have enough to do, we decided to add gender reveal items to our inventory. 

I love owning and running our businesses and learning new stuff every day. We are always on the hunt for new, innovative items party and wedding related items. 

I am always happy to answer any questions about sparklers or any other items we carry. Brides as well as venues are welcome to call me or text me any time. 

Happy planning and thanks for taking the time to stop by !!