Frequently asked Questions about Wedding Send off Sparklers

What size sparklers do I need

The wedding send off sparklers preferred size is the 20".  20 inch sparklers last 1 and a half minutes which is plenty of time to get them lit and the bride and groom sent off if you are anticipating 100-125 guests at the send off. If you are going to have more than 125 guests we suggest using the 36 inch sparklers that burn for over 3 minutes. The 10 inch sparklers are NOT recommended for wedding send off's. They are great for parties, celebrations and close up pictures, but they only last 35 seconds so they are not ideal for wedding exits.  If you'd like to use the sparklers to write or draw words while photographing, the 10 " and 20" are easier to maneuver thus they are better suited. Your photographer and wedding service representative are a good resource for other wedding ideas with sparklers. 

How many sparklers should I buy

When  buying the 20 inch wedding send off sparklers and you have 125 or less guests, plan on one sparklers per person. If more than 125 guests and you'd like to use the 20 inch, we suggest 2 sparklers per person , that way they can light their second one if the first one goes out.  If using the 36 inch sparklers. one per guest is more than sufficient. 

What is your return policy

We are more than glad to take back any unused, full boxes of wedding send off sparklers. Sparklers must be in original, unopened box. Sparklers are not only for weddings. They have a long shelf life and store very well in dry places and can be used to 4th of July, New Year's celebrations and any other occasion when you want to make some sparkle. Contact us to drop off in Saratoga Springs. 

How do I get the best send off pictures

First check with your venue or planner to make sure sparklers are allowed for the send off.  All our wedding send off sparklers are made to be used outdoors.  Our sparklers have easy light tips, but keep in mind that sparklers light best with other sparklers. Once you get a few sparklers lit, you can use that one to light others. Have guests stand a few back apart for safety. The darker the environment, the better your pictures will turn out.  Make sure you have a bucket with some sand or water in it for guests to put their sparkler stick in when finished. Lots of wedding ideas and sparkler display ideas  available on our blog. 

How far in advance do I need to order

We have all our products available year round. If you are picking up in Saratoga Springs, UT, sparklers are ready immediately. If you would prefer to have your sparklers shipped, please allow 5-7 days for delivery. 

How do you ship

Due to USDOT regulations, all sparklers must be shipped ground transportation.  Expedited or rush shipping is not allowed. We also can not ship to Hawaii, Alaska or anywhere outside the United States. Wedding send off sparklers are not allowed on airplanes on either checked or carry on bags. 

Can I pick products up

Absolutely !! Don't worry if you forgot to plan your send off. We got ya covered. You are coming to a personal residence to pick up products so please call or text in advance so we can make arrangements for you. Typically, you can pick up 24/7, often within minutes of ordering online.