One heart shape sparklers with gold sparks and 30 second burn time

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One heart shape sparkler

These heart shape sparklers are wire handle and wire construction that produce bright gold sparks.  Sparklers have a burn time of approximately 30 seconds and are nearly smokeless. The easy to light tips make them ideal for weddings, celebrations, receptions and parties. Heart and star shape sparklers can be used in conjunction with number sparklers for beautiful engagement , retirement and birthday pictures. The possibilities for creative and unique pictures are endless with shape sparklers.

Heart shape sparklers look beautiful displayed in a vase filled with sand or rocks to use as decoration at any wedding or celebration. Sparklers can be inserted into cakes, cupcakes or desserts for added excitement.

Sparklers are 7.5″ and burn for approximately 30 seconds.

When lit, sparklers burn down both sides of the sparklers

Due to the short burn time, we recommend 2 sparklers per guest if using for a wedding send off

Star and number shape sparklers also available



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