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Pink smoke for gender reveal

Pink smoke stick burns for approximately 1 minute emitting billows of bright pink smoke. Smoke bomb is covered with gender neutral paper so onlookers will be surprised until the smoke starts coming out.

Smoke is a fun, safe and unique way to let friends and family know the gender of your soon to be little one. Colored smoke makes a beautiful and distinct pictures that will be treasured in years to come.

Smoke sticks are equipped with easy to light wicks. We recommend using a barbecue or butane lighter for easiest ignition of wick. Once lit, it will take approximately 10 seconds for smoke to fill the sky with pink clouds.

Smoke sticks can get hot and it is not recommend to hold them. Smoke sticks perform best if placed on level, hard surface. May be taped to PVC, wood or metal stick to be held if desired.

The easy to remove outer paper makes smoke sticks easy to disguise so only the person lighting them knows the color.


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