Sky lantern biodegradable paper Chinese floating lantern


Sky lantern Biodegradable Paper Chinese Floating Lantern

Sky lanterns, also called Chinese lanterns, or wish lanterns are small hot air balloons add beauty and elegance to any wedding, New Year’s celebration, gender reveal or end of life celebration. Celebrate breast cancer awareness with pink floating lanterns. The translucent paper reveals a soft glowing light when lit. The easy to  light wax covered cardboard fuel cell is easily accessible in the middle of the circular bamboo frame.  Once lit, air will fill the Chinese lantern and it will slowly float into the sky producing a warm, white beautiful light that guests will rave about for years to come.

Markers or pens can be used to write memories of loved ones on the lanterns to be flown at funerals or to send the newly married couple happy wishes at weddings.

The lanterns are made of fire retardant 100% biodegradable material. Each sky lantern comes folded and individually packaged. Once fully inflated the sky lantern measures 38″ tall, 15″ at the base and 23″ at the top of the lantern.

Available in pink, blue,purple,green,orange,yellow,red and white.


Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

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