Cake/Bottle Sparkler 4 pack 

Add these cake sparklers to any birthday or wedding cake and transform your event into something every guest will be raving about. 

4" long and .5" in diameter. Sparks burn for approximately 1 minute and reach almost 10" tall.  Wrapped in a shiny, silver wrapper, making them elegant and festive looking.

They produce very little smoke and are similar to birthday candle in that there are no ashes.

Very safe to use on food. 

Cake sparklers/bottle sparklers have a 1" plastic spike that is used to safely secure the sparkler into the cake or food item you are using. If you prefer, you may attach the up to 2 sparklers to any champagne,wine or soda bottle using the bottle clip. Simply attach the clip to the neck of the bottle then slide the cake/bottle sparkler into the clip and light the flat, white top with a lighter.