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Unique Touches to Your Wedding with Heart-Shaped Sparklers

December 26, 2021

Unique Touches to Your Wedding with Heart-Shaped Sparklers


With lots of brides these days using traditional stick sparklers, like 20” or 36 inch wedding sparklers, why not add a unique, memorable touch to your wedding with heart shaped sparklers. Heart sparklers both look and feel romance. Hearts symbolize love and unity and what better way to display deep love on your wedding day than with sparklers in the shape of a heart.

Heart sparklers can be used in many ways to enhance any elegant wedding affair. They can be incorporated into the wedding reception as well as the wedding ceremony.

One creative way for use is for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to stand in a circle holding a 10” gold sparkler in each hand. The bride and groom stand in the circle each holding a heart sparkler. The wedding photographer can capture this fun moment either on the ground or from a balcony above shooting down.

Heart shaped sparklers obviously look sophisticated when lit, but they also display great unlit. Simply fill a clear vase or decorative bowl with pea sized rocks in the wedding colors and insert sparklers. The light gray heart sparkler is now an expensive and distinct centerpiece at each of the guest’s tables.

Young and old guests alike will be thrilled to grab a heart sparkler as a thank you favor. Attach a color piece of card stock with the couple’s name and date printed on it and display close to the exit.

Just like traditional sparklers, heart sparklers can be used to create a sparkling tunnel to enter or exit a venue. If opting to do this, we recommend 2 sparklers per person due to the shorter burn time.

You can also use heart sparklers for engagement and save the date pictures. We recommend purchasing at minimum 6 sparklers to ensure comfort lighting and ample photography time. Milestone anniversaries and Valentine’s photo shoots can be enhanced and memorable when heart sparklers are added.

Similar to our 20” and 36 wedding sparklers, our heart shaped sparklers are made with a wire core and a metal handle. This composition makes the sparklers virtually smokeless so brides do not have to worry about smoke getting in their, the bridesmaids or photographers’ eyes. Our distinct design also means there are no burning embers that would cause burns in dresses or fire hazards.

With a one minute burn time and large gold sparks, heart sparklers are guaranteed to make everyone happy. Approximately 9 inches long and 4 inches in diameter. The recommended way to light heart sparklers is with a butane torch lighter. Point the lighter at the sparkler to light the tips in the middle of the heart and they will burn both sides creating a soft illumination.

Pair with our 20” or 36” wedding sparklers for guests to use to create stylish arch for newly married couple to pass under while carrying heart sparklers. Using sparklers will create stylish send off with unforgettable memories. Utah Sparklers carries high quality heart sparklers leaving you free to focus on more important details. With our same day, often free shipping, you can mark the grand exit planning off your to do list. All our orders include a safety and tip sheet with every order.