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Frequently Asked Questions

Sparkler Use

10-inch Sparklers
Burns for 35 seconds
Great for close-up pictures, parties, and everyday celebrating.
Easy to maneuver for fun light-art photos.
Comes in gold or multi-colored sparks.

20 inch Sparklers
Most popular and affordable choice for wedding send-offs. 
Burns for 90 seconds
Enough time for 100-125 wedding guests to light and send off the bride and groom.
Also great for light-art and letting writing photos.

36 inch Sparklers
Ideal choice for wedding send-offs with 125+ guests. 
Burns for 3 minutes
Difficult to maneuver for writing photos.

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Less than 125 guests
Plan on one sparkler per guest if you are using 36 inch sparklers or 20 inch sparklers. Do not use 10 inch sparklers for wedding send-offs. 

More than 125 guests
Plan on one 36 inch sparkler per guest or two 20 inch sparklers. That way, guests can light their second 20 inch sparkler if their first one goes out before the bride and groom can get through the send-off line. 

Looking for tips on the best sparkler send-off?

Sparklers do not expire and can be stored safely for many years. Store sparklers away from moisture for the longest shelf life and best sparkle when you do light them.

Sparklers light best off other sparklers. Alternatively, a butane torch lighter is a quick, safe option. We recommend lighting one or two sparklers with a lighter and then using those sparklers to light the rest. Every order from Utah Sparklers includes a safety and lighting tip sheet.

Each State may have different laws concerning fireworks and the use of sparklers. In addition to state laws, each city has its own set of rules regarding sparkler and firework usage. We recommended you check with your state, city, and venue before ordering to ensure sparklers are permitted.

Unfortunately,we can not accept any returned products,so please be certain before you buy. Our products are very versatile and can be stored safely and used for many different occasions or events, including birthdays, Independence Day, New Year’s celebrations, and any other occasion where you want to add some sparkle.

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There are 3 types of sparklers on the market—Bamboo sparklers or “morning glory” sparklers, cool burning sparklers, and metal-core or “smokeless” sparklers. 

Morning glory sparklers are made from wood and “cool burning” sparklers are made from paper. Both, when burned, create a fire hazard and produce large burning embers. You definitely don’t want embers falling all around, burning holes in dresses, suits, and veils. These sparklers also produce lots of smoke which can not only ruin photos and obscure the room but is irritating to guests’ eyes and noses. 

We neither sell nor recommend these troublesome sparklers!

Utah Sparklers are made by dipping metal rods into a mixture of chemicals, an Oxidizer, and a binder. As it burns, this coating gives off bright sparks but doesn’t create lots of smoke or dangerous embers. After the sparkler has gone out, you’re left with just the metal rod and no mess or wreckage. Our sparklers are sure to create the most magical, smoke-free pictures and the brightest memories.

  • First, check with your venue or planner to ensure sparklers are allowed for the send-off.  
  • Next, buy Utah Sparklers! All our wedding send-off sparklers are made to be used outdoors.
  • Choose the right time for your send-off. The darker the environment, the better your pictures will turn out.  
  • Put someone in charge of lighting sparklers and collecting used ones. Our sparklers have easy light tips, but keep in mind that sparklers light best with other sparklers. Once you get a few sparklers lit, you can use that one to light others.
  • Walk, don’t run, down the send-off line, and pause at least once for a cute, sparkler-framed kiss.

Check out our blogor Instagram for more inspiration and tips on how a wedding send-off works. to achieve your perfect wedding send-off.


Orders placed before Noon MST are shipped out that very day. Any orders placed after Noon will ship the next business day. You’ll never need to worry about back orders since we carry stock year-round. While we try to get your order to UPS as fast as possible, please allow 5-7 days for delivery on any orders being shipped. Our Shipping Info pagehas more details about all our shipping options. 

Absolutely!!  We are a home-based business in Saratoga Springs, Utah. Once your order is ready for pick up, we will send you an email with instructions as well as the address. Keep in mind that you’re coming to a private residence to pick up products. Orders are typically ready for pick up within 24 hours of being placed. We can’t wait to meet you!

Sparklers are classified as a novelty firework and, as such, the United States Department of Transportation says that sparklers are ONLY allowed to be shipped via ground. Sparklers are NOT allowed on a plane, therefore, there is no expedited or overnight shipping option available. Utah Sparklers ships UPS, FedEx, and USPS ground.

Due to United States Department of Transportation restrictions, sparklers are NOT allowed on any plane. We ship sparklers to the 48 continental states only. We are not allowed to ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Guam or Puerto Rico. 

Get more information on shipping restrictions and options.