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Our Happy Place: Customer Reviews & Feedback

We absolutely love hearing all your feedback (good and bad) about our products. Please share your opinions and input. And don't forget to follow us on Instagram @utah_sparklers
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36-inch Sparklers
Jenni Neuendorf

Poor communications. Poor
customer service.

I am sorry that you are not pleased with our communication and service. We send you an email with pickup instructions when your order was ready for pickup. You failed to tell us that you guy picked up another customer's order. I had to investigate and text you to figure this out when the other customer's order came up missing, which caused two other customer's orders being impacted by your inattention to fully reading the pickup email. We have added additional wording to our pickup email to hopefully avoid this in the future.

36-inch Sparklers
Alma Tomsen
Awesome 🤩

I order in the morning, and a few hours later got the email that they were shipped and on their way! Got them lightning fast and I din’t even had to pay for shipping!!! Looking forward to the wedding 😎 Thank you!!!

Some did not smoke we tried 5 and only 3 smoked

20-inch Sparklers
Tara Hadley
Wedding Send-off!

Worked great for send-off @ daughter's wedding! Arrived fast, quality product.

They burned for a long time, our kids took so long to come outside! Thank you for the speedy shipping. I had forgotten to order them so was searching for a quick ship option!

Sky Lantern
Ann Fabrizzio
Sky Lanterns

Our company was looking for eco-friendly sky lanterns for a team building event. I called and spoke to Barbara (an absolute sweetheart!) and she confirmed these were what we're looking for. We were pressed for time but she ensured we would be ok. I placed the order, saw it shipped that same day (awesome!) and had them in my hands in plenty of time. When we got them, there was some concern that they weren't exactly what we ordered. I left one message for Barbara and with a phone call back the same day she eased our worry. Based just on this, I would order from Utah Sparklers again, no hesitation. Barbara was awesome and Utah Sparklers delivered...literally! Our event hasn't taken place yet but we're excited to launch these very soon. Thank you Barbara and Utah Sparklers!

Sky Lantern
Grady Root
Great service, quick delivery

I had a great experience with Utah Sparklers, they delivered what I wanted promptly and without issue! Barbara was a pleasure to work with.

36-inch Sparklers

These were amazing and the best touch to the wedding send off!!

Nice Sparklers

Friendly service, fast shipping

Duration and Density

So these are ok, not great for photography. So I guess technically they last for as long as they state, however, by the time you get to a decent ploom it tapers quickly. So yes, the timing is as advertised but the usable ploom for even a few shots or short vid is incredibly short lived.

20-inch Sparklers
LeAnn Ellis

20-inch Sparklers

20-inch Sparklers
Kristen Branch
Great service

I forgot to order the sparklers ahead of time and they got the order out that day.
Thank you!

20-inch Sparklers
Ferdinand Alora
Number sparklers

I was hoping the number sparklers are gold especially these are intended to be placed on a cake.

The number sparklers are silver with a gray handle as shown in the pictures :) However, number sparklers can be spray painted any color to match wedding or birthday decor and they will still function 100% as intended. Thank you for the feedback !

10-inch Gold Sparklers
Justus Bradley

10-inch Gold Sparklers

20-inch Sparklers
Abbey Allen
Abbey Allen

Utah Sparkles was phenomenal, such an easy process, from making the order to the contactless pick up. So simple and the sparklers were awesome! 10/10 recommend!

Color Smoke Bombs

Didn’t last 30-45 seconds and they barely put out any smoke at all. Very disappointed!!

20-inch Sparklers
Prabakar Shanmugam


Color Smoke Bombs
Emily Ducat

I was looking everywhere for a simple pink smoke bomb for a gender reveal photo and couldn’t find one anywhere. They got it to me in a few days and it worked very well!

20-inch Sparklers
Belle Olson
Utah Sparklers is the BEST!!

Utah Sparklers has been so great to work with. We had a last minute thing where we needed sparklers for an event by the next day, and she made sure my order was ready! I had only ordered a few hours prior. Our clients always have great sparklers for their send offs and we love working with Utah Sparklers!


I only get 2 seconds of smoke.

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it. These smoke bombs are a new item we had manufactured so any input is greatly appreciate so I can take it back to my manufactuer for improvements.
After looking at the video you emailed me, I noticed the smoke bombs were laying on their side. They have to be stood up to work as intended and give off the appropiate amount of smoke. Laying them doen does cause them to only smoke for a short duration.

Color Smoke Bombs
Ashley G
Colored Smoke Bombs AMAZING!!

The colors in the smoke bombs are very prominent and show up well on camera. Shipping was so fast and convenient! They also gave me free upgrades in my order which was so nice and appreciated!! 10/10 will buy from Utah Sparklers again!!

20-inch Sparklers
Jill Larsen
The WOW factor

Placed an online order and have to say this is the FASTEST delivery I’ve ever had with an online order! The sparklers were fantastic for a wedding sendoff and definitely sparkled as described for the length of time described. These were the WOW factor for our sendoff and made it fun for our wedding guests to participate and celebrate the couple. Thanks Utah Sparklers for the perfect sparkle !

I love these!

These were great! Nice price for amount you get and how long they last. Definitely takes the pics up a notch.

20-inch Sparklers
Jessica Jones
Didn’t last anywhere near even 20 seconds

I bought two orange for a Halloween photo shoot. The first one smoked long enough for our photographer to light and grab her camera. Not even close “20seconds”. We had one left, so I decided maybe if I light it and she’s at the ready she could get a good photo. I had time to light it, toss the lighter and it was out. Complete waste of money.

Hello Jessica, Thank you for the feedback and review. Your review is for the orange smoke bombs and not the 20' sparklers. Regardless, I do apologize that the smoke bombs did not function as intended. These are a new product that we had manufactured in China and I will take the feedback to my manufacturer in China so they can improve the product. We issued a refund that you should see in a few days.

20-inch Sparklers
Melody Williamson
All around great!

Was lucky to have people in Utah that could pick up for us last minute! The sparklers worked perfectly for a wedding send-off and the whole process was easy and convenient. Would easily recommend!

So glad that we could help with the last minute pickup and that you were able to have a memorable sendoff :)