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Photographer Smoke Bomb Package (Basic)

Photographer Smoke Bomb Package-1 smoke bomb of each color-9 colors

You asked, we heard ya and we acted. We put together this basic package of smoke bombs so you can try all 9 vibrant colors in an easy to order pack. Great for photographers, videographers, weddings and so much more.

Included in this package:

  • 1 blue smoke bomb
  • 1 pink smoke bomb
  • 1 green smoke bomb
  • 1 yellow smoke bomb
  • 1 orange smoke bomb
  • 1 black smoke bomb
  • 1 white smoke bomb
  • 1 purple smoke bomb

Each smoke bomb has a fuse that you light and starts emitting large billows of smoke after 5 seconds and burns for approximately one minute. Perfect for photoshoots, weddings, engagement, parties, gender reveals and music videos.

Smoke pictures depend on the wind, skill level of photographer and how it is dispersed into the air. It is recommended to use 2 or more together at the same time to achieve huge clouds of smoke that create a beautiful backdrop for pictures.

A safety and tip sheet is included in every order.

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