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60-second Smoke Bomb Halloween Pack

QTY: Pack of 8

Smoke products MUST be collected in Utah. Absolutely no shipping available.

It's back. Last year, this Halloween smoke pack was such a success that we decided to bring it back.

A package contains:

  • Black smoke bombs
  • Purple smoke bombs
  • Green smoke bombs
  • Orange smoke bombs

You get a total of 8 smoke bombs for $26. The package saves $6 (sold for $4 each individually). No color substitutions please.

Each can of smoke produces large, vibrant clouds of smoke for 60 full seconds. Perfect for all those scary Halloween shots. The smoke effects look great coming out of witch cauldrons or coming out of pumpkins. Ghosts and ghouls will love the captivating scenery in the Halloween photos created by smoke.

A safety sheet and tips is included in each order.

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