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How long should wedding sparklers be?

June 12, 2022

How long should wedding sparklers be?

So you are planning your wedding and you decided you want to do a send off using sparklers. You might have started looking online to purchase sparklers and quickly got overwhelmed with all the information and choices. One thing that often confuses couples is the question-what size sparklers are best for weddings? Are the 10” sparklers long enough? Are the 36 inch sparklers too long? 

Hopefully I can help clarify what the ideal length is for wedding sparklers. If you look on our website,, you will notice we carry a variety of shapes and lengths of sparklers. The traditional straight stick style sparkler is what is typically used at wedding exits. They are available in 3 lengths. Let’s dig into each length and its best purposes.

The 10 inch sparklers are best suited for close up photography and parties. These are similar to the sparklers you see in stores around July 4th (most of those are actually 8 inches and not a true 10”). This shorter length burns for approximately 25 to 30 seconds. If you have 50-60 people at your send off (which is a pretty standard amount of guests) and it takes 10 seconds to get the sparklers lit, you only have 15-20 seconds remaining to walk through the send off line of guests before the sparklers are out. In my opinion, using the shorter sparklers makes it rushed and the hurriedness reflects in the pictures. 

The most popular and budget friendly sparkler for wedding grand exits is by far the 20 inch length. This size burns for one and a half minutes and is perfect in a number of settings. The longer burn time allows for the sparklers to get lit and the guests to line up before the couple exits the venue. The newly married couple can take their time walking or dancing their way through the tunnel of sparklers. At the end of the send off line, there is still ample time for the bride and groom to kiss, dip and embrace for lasting photographic memories. 

Finally the longest size sparkler Utah Sparklers offers is the 3 minute burning #36 sparkler. Yes, that is a full 3 foot long sparkler. If your budget and venue allows, the 36 inch sparkler is my #1 recommendation. Many wedding photographers prefer the 36” sparkler because they are able to get many shots with multiple angles resulting in gorgeous pictures. When the long size is used, the couple is able to go through the send off line multiple times. Couples are able to experiment with fun and unique poses. There is definitely no need for the couple, guests or photographer to feel rushed with these monster sparklers.

If you are still lost or have questions about how long wedding sparklers should be, I would love to answer any questions. You can call, text, email or fill out the contact us form. Thank you for letting Utah Sparklers help create sparkling memories for your special occasions in life. 

Picture credit Jessie And Dallin Utah Wedding Photographers