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TSA Rules for Taking Sparklers on a Plane?

May 08, 2022

TSA Rules for Taking Sparklers on a Plane?

Why people want to take sparklers on a plane

Even though taking fireworks has been banned for over a decade, people still try to sneak sparklers on a plane. Not only is this dangerous, but it is illegal as well. The TSA considers fireworks, including sparklers as a flammable object and are not allowed to be taken on a plane in either carry-on or checked bags. So why would someone want to take sparklers on a plane then? With weddings being back in full force, couples are opting for destination weddings. Unique places such as Hawaii and various Caribbean islands have become popular places to get married. Couples planning destination weddings often plan months in advance and desire to take many of their supplies with them. This often leads to the innocent mistake of thinking they can pack their sparklers in the same luggage as their linens and candles, but security heavily frowns on this.

Why can't I take sparklers on a plane

TSA banned flammable objects on planes decades ago. Even though sparklers are considered a novelty firework, special packing and marking must be used when transporting and they are only allowed to be shipped via ground. Sparklers do not self-combust, but if a fire would happen on a plane, sparklers would not throw additional flames and make it more difficult to contain the accident.

Alternatives to bringing sparklers on a plane

I recommend calling your airline ahead of time and inquiring if they have any recommendations for getting sparklers to a destination wedding. Sometimes airlines will allow couples to specially package and label appropriately and check the sparklers as air cargo. The airline might charge an additional handling fee so it is best to plan for this a few weeks in advance.

Another alternative is to check with your wedding venue and see if they already carry sparklers. Many destination wedding venues and planners have already anticipated the send off and order sparklers in bulk and have them delivered via ocean freight and have them on site for use. If the venue does not carry sparklers, they might have a local vendor where sparklers can be purchased.

No one wants to have their wedding ruined by missed or canceled flights because of being detained by TSA for attempting to sneak illegal products onto a plane. With other options available, it is not a chance worth taking. If the couple has their heart set on having sparklers incorporated into their wedding, my suggestion would be to host a reception party with close friends and family after getting back from their destination wedding and using either the 20 inch or 36 inch sparklers then. Hire a photographer or have someone present take pictures and you will still have the same sparkler photos for years to come without risking jail or fines.