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How to Choose the right size Sparkler for your Wedding Sendoff

April 13, 2023

How to Choose the right size Sparkler for your Wedding Sendoff

Imagine it’s the end of your special day. Your friends and family surrounded you and your new spouse with love and well wishes. The time has come for the last thing on the wedding timeline-the sendoff. Everyone exits your beautiful venue to the sidewalk leading to your getaway car. You and your lover sneak a few kisses while the guests light their sparklers and line the cobble sidewalk. Holding hands the two of you swing the door open and start to walk down the half sparkler lined sidewalk. Walking along you notice most of the sparklers are burned out and your guests look disappointed. Suddenly you realize you purchased the wrong sparklers.

We have heard this type of story more than once and Utah Sparklers does not want anyone’s wedding to be less than dreamy. Sparklers may not be the star of the show, but having the wrong size can definitely put a damper on the party. 

Couple in wedding dress and tuxedo holding a wedding sparkler

What size sparkler should I choose?

The couple above probably purchased 10” gold sparklers which are not recommended for wedding send offs. The short 10 inch length only burns for 30-35 seconds. Unfortunately the short burn time is not nearly enough time to get the sparklers lit and have the couple still exit the venue and get cute pictures. In our experience by the time the last sparkler is lit, the first one is burned out. 

Choosing the Perfect Size Sparkler

A great option for wedding sendoffs are the 20 inch gold sparklers. They burn for  minute and a half sparklers and are ideal with 125 or less guests.  Smaller, intimate areas such as a sidewalk or set of stairs are best suited for this length sparkler. Sendoffs in this type of area tend to have guests standing closer together and do not allow a whole lot of room for the sparklers. 

What is the best size wedding sparkler

The more guests at the sendoff, the longer sparkler you need.To ensure everyone has enough time to light their sparklers and get into position, it's recommended to use longer #36 sparklerswith a burn time of up to 3 minutes for guest lists of over 125 people. This allows for a more coordinated send-off and provides plenty of time for photos and video. 36 inch sparklers are also great for larger sendoff areas such as a driveway, parking lot or field since guests are able to spread out more. 

Utah Sparklers hopes this information helps you decide what sizes are best suited for your wedding sendoff. If you still have questions, we are here to help. Our goal is to make the sendoff the least stressful part of the wedding planning process. Contact us for any suggestions and help.