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Ultimate Guide for Buying the Correct Amount of Wedding Sparklers

May 10, 2023

Ultimate Guide for Buying the Correct Amount of Wedding Sparklers

A very common question we get here at Utah Sparklers from people getting married is how many sparklers to buy. Keep reading and we will hopefully help you find the perfect number of sparklers to buy and not have too many leftovers. 

No one wants to waste money or spend excessively when it comes to wedding planning. We get it, wedding budgets are a real thing and you want to stick to yours. You also want a beautiful, memorable sendoff with sparklers, but you don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of leftovers. We are right there with ya again. 

Bride and groom dancing under Wedding Sparklers

There are a few questions that I ask couples to help determine how many sparklers they should be purchasing. 

  1. What time of day is the sendoff taking place? 
  2. What type of reception are you having: open house or traditional style?
  3. Do you want lots of bright sparks for the pictures?

Let’s dig into each question a bit more.

If the sendoff is taking place early evening, after light drinks and finger food, many guests will have left by then. With less guests present, you are free to purchase a smaller amount of sparklers. However, if the sendoff is after a full dinner and a few hours of fun and dancing, then the entertainment will keep guests attention. With that said, you should anticipate more of your invited guests attending the sendoff and should purchase a larger amount of sparklers.

Groom carrying bride on wedding day exiting under wedding sparklers

If you are having a traditional reception with a structured timeline consisting of drinks, food, cake cutting, and toasts the majority of guests will also be sticking around till the end for the grand exit. Alternatively, if an open house style reception where guests are free to come and go as they please, is more your style then you will not have as many people present for the sendoff. With this style of reception, it is typically close friends and family. 

Some people are all about the pictures and want lots and lots of bright sparks in their pictures. If this describes you, then I would recommend planning to purchase a large number of sparklers. We have a pack of 144 20” and 144 36 inch sparklersthat are perfect for large crowds. The more sparklers, the more sparks in the pictures. If you are worried that you will have more sparklers than guests, don’t fret. Just give some guests (not the ones that have had a few too many adult drinks though) 2-3 sparklers. Some couples are so tired by the end of their special day that they want to quickly do the sendoff and relax as their first night as a married couple. To them the pictures are cool, but they are not their main focus. In that case they are able to purchase a smaller package of sparklers. 

A good rule of thumb that we live by if you are 100% unsure of how many people will be there for the sendoff is to purchase for 75% of your RSVP’d guests. For example if you know 100 people will be attending, we recommend buying the 72 pack of sparklers. One of our most popular packages is the 96 count of 20 inch wedding sparklers. This seems to be a good number and accommodates most wedding sendoffs. 

One big tip is sparklers do not go bad. They have a great long shelf life, so if you find yourself with leftover sparklers from your big day, you can hang on to them and use them for 4th of July or New Year’s celebrations.