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Why do we do what we do

July 07, 2020

Why do we do what we do

Why do we do what we do ?

With eyes closed a groomand bride become husband and wife with one kiss. Opening their eyes the glow of sparklers adds a warm gold hue to the tears in their eyes. Photographers and family members frantically take pictures of what has become and will always be one of the most memorable moments in their lives. Flushed with emotion, the newlyweds whisk away down the aisle in a cascade of golden brilliance as the sparklers light up the beginning of the rest of their lives. 

wedding send off sparklers

Accessories For All Occasions

Utah Sparklers knows how instrumental and precious these moments are in life and are able to enhance this memory by adding special effects to the real-life story of our customers. Being in the business of celebration we want to ensure that our customers are beyond thrilled. Our line of products is specifically designed to add an exclamation point to any big celebration in life. From weddings to graduations, gender reveals to birthdays our products add uniqueness and brilliance to life's most important occasions. Capturing the moment one of our customers finally marries the person they want to spend their life with or a photographer creating a work of art, our products truly enhance any picture they are a part of.

Wedding Send-Offs Where Sparks Fly

There are many things in life worth celebrating and we believe in the traditions of celebration. These occasions bring meaning and fulfillment into our lives and warmth into our hearts. To help cherish these memories further we created a company that adds the very exclamation point to any joyous event. We offer three kinds of products that can fit almost any celebration! Sparklers, colored smoke bombs, and sky lanterns all are exciting products to use and could be right for your next ceremony or reception.


We strive to make the process of purchase as easy as possible with instructional content on our website to ensure every customer is satisfied and knows how to use their celebration trinket. We wanted to create a brand that removed one difficult for all the planners out there and took the time to make sure products are fun and easy to use. We understand the hectic planning and preparation for these kinds of events and that is why we streamline our business to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. Our customers love us because we know the value of assuring peace of mind on days that can be just as stressful as they are wonderful.

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